Cliche? Perhaps; but I feel there is (maybe a lot) more to be done here.

F5 Networks

During my time at F5 Networks I have served as the Principal User Experience Designer for multiple major feature releases, across multiple product lines - both hardware and software. I continue to advocate strongly for a consistent UX and CX across the F5 brand and product lines. A challenge in a company with a highly silo’d development organization that has not traditionally placed importance on the end-user experience.

As a Principal I am responsible for mentoring and leading a group of UI developers and UX designers, working alongside our direct and 2nd level manager to align team resources, skills, and members’ professional growth interests with project needs.

I have built a reputation as someone with a passion for user centered design thinking and am often consulted, at many levels throughout the company, as an advocate for the user when it is felt the focus is trending away from their needs. I interact regularly with developers, engineers, designers, product managers, architects, and management on any number of usability related issues.

Serving on Digital Transformation Customer Experience Council - a working group to deliver the path forward for F5 Networks to unify its digital presentation and vision across all customer touch-points.

What I’m working on now:

  • Fleet Design System (draft)
  • Designing Module BIG-IP (draft)
  • Usability Study: API

Stuff I did previously:


My work at Boeing was through the Human-Systems Interaction group, part of Boeing Research and Technology. In addition to working on multiple internal research projects we served as a usability resource for various departments in need of usability assistance throughout the company.

Due to the nature of much of my work, original documents cannot be distributed. Summary information is presented to provide a picture of standard processes used in different programs. Some images have been altered to remove potentially proprietary information.