Cliche? Perhaps; but I feel there is (maybe a lot) more to be done here.

The Aviation Services Innovation Center is the aviation industry’s center of excellence to create the future of proactive and efficient operations. In this laboratory we understand operational challenges, explore possibilities, innovate solutions, experience operational benefits and improve our customer’s bottom line.

We start by building our understanding of the customer; identifying our customer’s operational challenges and looking at how they run their operations today. We then find ways to help solve customer problems, looking for opportunities to prescribe products and services as solutions to these problems. Once we’ve identified a solution, the last step is to communicate the value of that offering to the customer.

We built solutions.

We developed a web-based application suite meant to facilitate communicate and enable real-time collaboration with the customer. This particular prototype is of a dynamic value proposition app. The intention of this app was to help communicate the value of a solution, or suite of solutions, by helping to quantify that value.

The initial summary screen provides an overview of the major savings estimates and assumptions that are made when making the calculations. Key values include: flights per day; duration “as-is” to complete tasks and duration “to-be” when the prescribed solution is applied; savings with prescribed solution; daily and annual cost savings.

Value Prop.

The fundamental elements that make up the overarching value proposition can be further explored, demonstrating to the customer how the value proposition is derived. The customer is free to change the underlying assumptions and measured heuristics that have been populated. The results update in real-time to give the user live feedback that allows them to draw correlations between the data in their minds.

This exploration and discovery of the underlying data allow the customer to recognize that the value models we are presenting have integrity, and are more than simply marketing values. There is truth in the value and customers can convince themselves of it by interacting with the tool.