BIG-IP Dashboard Refactor and Redesign

Cliche? Perhaps; but I feel there is (maybe a lot) more to be done here.

An inflexible product with a troubled development past, outdated visuals and interaction patterns, and an inability to integrate with the rest of the product was in major need of both a technology and visual update. The green light was finally given only when Adobe announced end-of-life for Flash.

My Role

I served as the principal designer and project lead for this project. I led a core team of 2 junior designers and 3 software developers.

I led and coordinated all facets of the redesign from start to finish, including: project scoping, requirements gathering, technology analysis, information architecture, user task flows, interaction flows, prototyping, and development. I also conducted user research using methods such as interviews, surveys, focus groups, and participatory design in order to address both user behavior and attitudes.

As the principal designer it was my responsibility to provide the initial wireframes and broad-stroke composition of the design. These patterns were to be the first step in rationalizing the feasibility of a planned total redesign of the product’s graphical user interface. I then oversaw junior designers through the process of designing the atomic design elements and layout flows.

The Problem

  • outdated lnf
  • adobe flash - eol 2020
  • difficult to extend
  • can’t cross integrate to or from with other pages
    • e.g., point to another page, point into the dashboard
    • e.g., imbed dashboard elsewhere

The Challenge

  • here’s everything we want to do new with the dashboard!

The Approach

  • more focused on technology replacement, but a new design aesthetic was a plus
  • technology evaluation
  • designed new charts

Next Steps

  • we’re rolling it into the mBIP
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