Modular BIP-IP GUI Redesign

This project is ongoing. Gaps in the description are likely due to research segments yet to be completed.

This page is the use case for designing the mBIP GUI.

My Role

I am the principal user experience designer the Modular BIG-IP user interfaces, including: API, CLI, and GUI. I lead a core team of 2 junior designers, 6 software developers, and 2 testers.

I lead and coordinated all facets of the GUI design from start to finish, including: project scoping, requirements gathering, information architecture, user task flows, interaction flows, prototyping, and development. I also conduct user research using methods such as interviews, surveys, focus groups, and participatory design in order to address both user behavior and attitudes. I consult regularly with developers for API and CLI usability, supporting their efforts with user centered design practices and user testing.

As the principal designer it was my responsibility to provide the initial wireframes and broad-stroke composition of the design. These patterns are passed off to junior designers who, with the use of Fleet, apply additional details when needed. I am responsible for the final approval of all design elements.

The Problem

The classic menu structure.